Hi, my name’s Afzal Masood.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Punjab University College of Information Technology, I’ve been in the software field since sep, 2010 and gained extensive experience in different aspects of software engineering, including requirement gathering, understanding, estimation, development, deployment, maintenance and testing.

I am a veteran Ruby on rails developer, having approximately 4+ years hands on experience in rails 3.x and 4.x. However I have done development in IOS(8 Months) and Android(3 Months) as well.

More importantly, throughout my career I’ve been continuously interested in Ruby on rails development.

Currently I am senior software engineering at Coeus-Solutions GmbH and have worked on several web-based projects for our clients.

People who know me best say that I work very hard, adaptable in every situation, quick learner, never give up and continually look for ways to provide the highest quality products. I am self-motivated and enjoy working in a team environment.

I have also a few weaknesses that I trust everyone easily and I do not feel comfortable until I finished my work completely.

My favorite hobbies are playing cricket, Foosball, Table Tennis, Chess, Cards, watching documentaries and surfing net.

That’s all myself.


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