Create and integrate SSL certificate in Rails app Using [ Godaddy + Nginx(1.8) + Puma + Ubuntu Server(14.04 LTS) ]

Learning with Earning

Login to your server by ssh and then:

  1. Create file YOUR_RAILS_APP_DIRECTORY/config/puma.rb
    Below is puma.rb file content:
    #!/usr/bin/env puma
    directory '/home/ubuntu/YOUR_RAILS_APP_DIRECTORY/public/'
    rackup '/home/ubuntu/YOUR_RAILS_APP_DIRECTORY/'
    environment 'production'
    daemonize true
    pidfile '/home/ubuntu/YOUR_RAILS_APP_DIRECTORY/tmp/pids/'
    state_path '/home/ubuntu/YOUR_RAILS_APP_DIRECTORY/tmp/pids/puma.state'
    stdout_redirect '/home/ubuntu/YOUR_RAILS_APP_DIRECTORY/log/puma.log'
    threads 2, 5
    bind 'unix:///home/ubuntu/YOUR_RAILS_APP_DIRECTORY/tmp/sockets/puma.sock'
    workers 2
  2. Generate CSR certificate
     openssl req -new -newkey rsa:2048 -nodes -keyout SITE_DOMAIN_NAME.key -out SITE_DOMAIN_NAME.csr

    Note: For instance site domain is then you will place only facebook.key and facebook.csr

  3. .key file will be used in nginx configurations.
    Copy .csr file’s content and then paste its content to godaddy CSR field.

    After generating ssl certificate using godaddy, download it. Then upload that downloaded zip to Ubuntu Server using scp command.

  4. Unzip the folder there will be two .crt files in it. Chain those files using this command.
    cat file_name.crt  file_containing_bundle_in_name.crt > some_name.chained.crt

    Note: Place them .chained.crt file in that order that file containing bundle in its name comes after like above…

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